Neurodiagnostics provides digital EEG and Nerve tests in many hospitals in central Kerala. Supported by state of the art machines, well trained technicians and senior neurologists, we have been able to provide our services for the last 4 years in 12 hospitals in central kerala. Our internet based reporting has reduced the time for reports to few hours thereby avoiding inconvenience for patients and it gives fast and accurate diagnosis. Digital EEG is useful in the diagnosis of patients presenting the episodes of loss of consciousness or awareness and behavioural changes. Common conditions in which EEG is useful are seizures, syncope, altered sensorium, memory impairment behavioural changes etc. It is a commonly used investigation in psychiatric disorders to rule out seizure disorders and other organic problems. Nerve tests are useful in a variety of neuropathies, numbness,weakness etc. Common conditions are carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy due diabetes and other causes, facial palsy etc.